Add a Little Blueberry Fun to Your Meals!

It’s our favorite time of year—blueberry season! That means that Blueberry Haven now has fresh blueberries for sale in the store every day!

Many restaurants in the West Michigan area are taking advantage of these plentiful berries and featuring dishes with a little blueberry flair on their menus. Blueberry Haven is also getting creative and making it easy for you to incorporate blueberries into your recipes. So, during the season, I will do my best each week to share some ideas for using our delicious Blueberry Haven products.

In fact, I will start by telling you about a fantastic appetizer I enjoyed this past weekend. It consisted of a toasted baguette (sliced), and served with goat cheese and blueberry compote on the side. Yum! You can easily create this recipe at home and serve it as a simple summer hors d’oeuvre.

Here are a few more suggestions from Blueberry Haven to you. We hope you try them all and share the goodness with friends and family!

Blueberry Herb Chutney—For a nice summer spin, try a jar of this delicious concoction we replicated from a chutney I tried while traveling in Northern Italy. Our Blueberry Herb Chutney has a perfect blueberry flavor with a hint of fresh herbs.

Blueberry Chutney—This treat has a nice bite to it, with some peppers and onions added in for a unique flavor. This was our first savory treat we brought into our store, and it quickly became a go-to favorite for many of our locals.

Blazin’ Blueberry Jelly—Originally a jalapeño jelly, we added blueberries (of course) to incorporate our special taste. Spread some of this smooth, sweet jelly on a baguette with a little goat cheese, and you have a yummy appetizer!

Blueberry Jam—If you want to play it safe and don’t like too much spice, I suggest using this jam that one customer describes as “Christmas in a jar.” The first jam ever sold at Blueberry Haven, it has a sweeter taste than the others I mentioned above, and it also pairs well with goat cheese.

There you have it—a few great ideas to add some blueberry fun to your dishes Stop in and see us for a sample of any of these spreads. We know you will want to pick up a jar or two (or three) to serve for all occasions. You will love how quickly they disappear from your table!

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