Coast Guard Festival 2016 has officially begun and is in full swing downtown Grand Haven. Although many locals dread this chaotic and crowded week, I like to remember the reason why this festival exists: to celebrate the men and women who serve in the United States Coast Guard.

Our community takes pride in being named “Coast Guard City USA,” so let’s celebrate in style all week!

On Monday, the big ships arrived in town and the ship tours started Tuesday. I am always amazed at the size of these awesome boats; if you get a chance to take a tour, you won’t be disappointed!

The carnival is set up on Washington Street, and a ride of moving strawberries is located outside Blueberry Haven. How ironic! I think someone is trying to set us up. We were actually happy to see the big, red fruit ride as we looked out our window on Tuesday. There are many other less desirable and loud attractions that could have been placed near us, so we are pleased with the strawberries.

We are also savoring the yummy smells coming from the various food stands set up throughout our town. Of course, if you are trying to eat healthy, you might want to skip the carnival food and stop in to Blueberry Haven for some nutritious snacks. We have blueberries in to-go cups that are perfect for snacking, and you are welcome to come in and fill your water bottles with water from our drinking fountain. Plus, if you need something sweet, we can help you with that, too!

I hope you are also enjoying your Coast Guard Festival week, and plan to watch the big parade and fireworks on Saturday. We don’t want you to go hungry throughout the day, so come visit us to pick up some tasty picnic supplies for everyone in your group. Our Blueberry Barbeque Sauce is a summer favorite as well as our Blueberry Salsa. You can’t go wrong with either one of them.

And, don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of our Blueberry Soda for the kids. We are sure you will love watching their faces light up while they drink their sweet soda and watch the amazing fireworks display on Saturday night!

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