When something exciting happens in a small town, it isn’t long before the network of community members knows all about the news—whether it be good or bad news.  Well, something very good just happened to a Grand Haven resident, and the story is just too exciting not to share.

I will admit that everything transpired similar to a game of operator, so my facts may not be exact; however, the story is definitely true. If you have already heard this tale, you may want to read about it again here. It’s one of those things you never get tired of hearing because it’s just so awesome. Here’s what happened:

A few weeks ago, Grand Rapids was buzzing with the long-anticipated Garth Brooks concert. After the concert, my Facebook page was one post after another of “Great show, “Best concert ever,” and so on. However, the biggest buzz of the night was what happened to a Grand Haven teacher at the concert. She was the four millionth person to purchase a concert ticket, which meant her life was about to get better—only she had no idea!

The lucky teacher was whisked away from her seat before the concert by ushers who explained  that there was a problem with the credit card she had used to purchase her ticket. She soon found out there was no problem with her card, and she was given a wheel barrow and sent walking down a long corridor. As she continued walking, she was inundated with gifts of all kinds! What was happening?

Even though it was very exciting, she didn’t quite understand what was going on. However, when she got to the end of the hallway, Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood were standing next to a shiny, new car. They told her the car was for her, and they also wanted to take her shopping the next day for another car! Of course, in typical Grand Haven style, the humble teacher said, “I can’t—my kids have a field trip and they would be so disappointed!” Even better, when she saw the first car they were giving to her, she asked Brooks and Yearwood if she could sell it to pay off her student loans. Brooks said he would take care of the loans, too!

If that wasn’t enough…the country stars also gave the Grand Haven teacher a $5,000 shopping spree and a trip for four to Las Vegas. Wow—that is quite a story for a small town like Grand Haven. In fact, it’s exciting for just about any city!

The fortunate winner choked back tears as she told her fellow teacher friends about her amazing evening. She has been working two other jobs (besides teaching all day) to help pay off her student loans. Many of her loans were based on her majoring in Special Education during college; however, she is currently teaching first grade at a school she loves. I’m sure it is such a relief for her to have her loans taken care of and to be able to continue working at a job she truly enjoys.

One of the teacher’s co-workers shared this story with our staff and explained that she was a very hard worker, humble and most deserving of all the gifts she received. I would certainly agree, but it really doesn’t surprise me coming from a Grand Haven Public School teacher! She is one of many who are deserving of such a wonderful surprise!

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