We are officially in the slow time at Blueberry Haven. The blueberry season is behind us, and the holiday rush hasn’t started quite yet. For the next few weeks, we we will focus on making sure we are well stocked for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and getting our back room all ready and organized.

With many of our summer workers back at school, we did need to hire another employee to help cover some hours at our store. Our newest employee is another mom, just like many of us who work at Blueberry Haven.

On her first day, she did admit that she hadn’t used us very much for gifts and hadn’t really thought about coming into our store to purchase gifts. However, after taking a look around at all our delicious products, she realized what she was missing. She found several items that would be perfect for her in-laws and other family that are sometimes difficult to buy for. Our new employee quickly realized what we have been saying for quite some time: “Who doesn’t need a bunch of really good food?” Grandmas often like to bake, so she thought our baking mixes would be perfect for her mother-in-law.

She was also a little shocked that many of our Grand Haven residents weren’t regularly coming to Blueberry Haven for gifts for just about every occasion. We even have some great gifts ideas for someone who has just lost a loved one. As she walked around our store, our new worker kept coming up with perfect gift choices for all types of businesses and people in our area. Let’s hope this new perspective brings in some new business for us.

Of course, we will be introducing several new products for the holiday season, and they will be delicious as always! Our plan is to have them on our shelves before Thanksgiving—just in time for you to pick up some hostess gifts if you are traveling for the holidays.

I am also currently putting together a gift package to take with me this coming weekend. I will be taking my middle son on some college visits, and I’m lucky enough that some of the schools are near my cousin. We will be staying with her, and I’m excited to bring some Blueberry Haven goodies to the East Coast—back to the area where my love for blueberries began.

Now, I just have to put the final touches on the package for my cousin. With so many great products to choose from, I know I can’t go wrong—and I’m sure she will love them all!

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