’Tis the season for graduation parties for our family—and other families who have high school graduates this year. Our weekends have been one party after another for the past month, and the fun continues into July!

Having a senior in my house, we have been busy getting ready for his party for several weeks. As we began our planning, we had a discussion on proper etiquette for sending invitations. The discussion revolved around the topic of social media: Are you really invited to a graduation party if you were only invited on Facebook? Call me old fashioned, but my answer to that question is NO! I was a stickler with my son and told him that if he is inviting someone, they should receive an actual invitation in the mail. In fact, I only go to parties where I have received some type of paper invitation delivered to my house.

I enjoy receiving all the invites in the mail, some with beautiful pictures of the guest of honor. Whether it’s a card with just one big senior picture, or a combination of baby photos and adult pictures, I love them all! You just don’t get that same experience from a Facebook invitation.

Of course, I also like to attend the different parties and see what everyone is serving for food. We have been to several already, and the food has been fantastic! One party included a variety of pork, chicken, and brisket to eat, and a crazy bounce house set up in the yard for hours of entertainment. The decorations were awesome as well—lots of Sparty decor to celebrate their graduate who will be attending MSU in the fall!

Another event was at a home on a small, inland lake and included leisure rides around the lake in a pontoon. There were colorful flowers on the tables and a fun game where one of the guests took home a sand bucket full of snacks. He had correctly guessed all the names of people whose pictures were covered by smiley faces on a poster board. Such a great idea for a party game!

We also enjoyed a graduation party that was held in a barn, and included a pig roast, s’mores bar, candy bar, and old fashioned games set up in the yard.

And the list of unique parties goes on and on. My BFF served a great morning brunch in her front yard to celebrate her pretty graduate, and it was so yummy!

What about combining parties for several graduates? You bet! I attended one this year for five students that was held in a local church commons. There were root beer floats and pulled pork (a popular choice this year) for everyone. So many ways to celebrate!

This weekend it’s our turn to host all our family and friends as we celebrate our son. I’m praying for no rain and hoping everything goes off without a hitch. The party will bring us one step closer to the reality of having just one child at home. It sure will be quiet around here…

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