The Blueberry Haven Box


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We know you’d love for those wonderful holiday meals with family and friends to last forever.

Savor every moment together with something for everyone at the table for only $39.95. Gummies for the kids, jam for breakfast, a gift for the Grand Haven lover, and spread for those leftover turkey sandwiches.

  • Blueberry Cream Mustard
  • Lake Michigan Blueberry Chutney
  • Blueberry Gummy Bears
  • Simply Fruit Blueberry Jam
  • As our extra-special gift to you, we’re including the “Blueberry Haven” license plate to remind you of beaches, berries, and bliss while you enjoy the holidays. Whether you’re on the road or waiting for your loved ones to arrive, we know that home is where the heart (and the blueberries) are, so this is the perfect gift to remind you of  home.

The delicious Thanksgiving possibilities are endless. Set your own feast apart and gift this limited edition seasonal box of goodies to yourself, or send it along to someone you’ll miss for the holidays.



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