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Spaghetti Pie for a Crowd

Yields25 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time1 hr 30 minsTotal Time1 hr 35 mins

This recipe serves 25 teenage boys. You for sure could cut the sauce recipe in 1/2 and it would be more than enough for 8-10.

Spaghetti Pie for a Crowd Recipe

 1 I add more or less as I go by taste of all spices, salt, pepper, etc.
 1 Mild Sausage
 6 Garlic Cloves, minced
 2 14oz Cans of Diced Tomatoes
 4 Pomme Tomatoes (these are at D&W or Meijer)
 4 cups Water (simmer for a long period of time so the flavors will meld. If you don't want to simmer it as long, add less.
 6 tsp Basil
 4 tsp Dried Oregano Flakes
 3 tsp Brown Sugar
 2 tsp Salt
 3 tsp Blueberry Habanero Hot Sacue
 ½ tsp Fresh Coarse Ground Black Pepper
 ½ cup Red Wine (a good cabernet is best)
 2 lbs Cooked Ground Turkey
 2 lbs Ground Sirloin
 2 lbs Thin Spaghetti
 1 Package of Cream Chese
 Sour Cream
 Fresh Parsley
 Parmesan Cheese

In large, heavy stockpot, brown Italian sausage, breaking up as you stir.


Add onions and continue to cook, stirring occasionally until onions are softened.


Add garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce and water.


Add basil, oregano, brown sugar, salt, crushed red pepper, and black pepper.


Stir well and barely bring to a boil.


Stir in red wine.


Simmer on low, stirring frequently for about an hour.


Cook spaghetti according to package directions.


While the pasta is cooing, mix together sour cream, cream cheese and parsley.


In a large lasagna-style pan, put down a layer of cooked spaghetti then spread a layer of the cream cheese blend over the spaghetti; top with sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella and put in the oven at 175 for about half an hour to warm through and melt cheese, keep warm or serve.

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