You may remember that just about a year ago, I spent a few days attending a fantastic seminar at Zingerman’s Deli with several other business owners. It was such a great experience that I actually wrote about it in one of my blogs last fall. The training was done through ZingTrain, a program that highlights the famous Zingerman’s approach to business.

This successful deli in Ann Arbor has become a favorite of the University of Michigan students and Michiganders in general. As a small business owner myself, I believe there is much to learn from the two businessmen who started a small deli nearly 30 years ago and turned it into a destination spot of many Midwesterners.

I had heard about Zingerman’s training program from a friend who was a restaurant owner. I was convinced that I needed extra training in running my business,  she strongly advised me to sign up for the seminar.  It turns out she was right—I learned a great deal about myself and my business, plus several great tools of the trade.

However, I didn’t expect to learn so much from the other people who attended the seminar, and there is one person in particular that I connected with the first day. She owned and operated what I thought was just a run-of-the-mill bakery in the Boston area. Well, as I started following her and her business on Instagram, I found out I was very wrong!

Tzurit Or is the owner and operator of five bakeries, named “Tatte Bakery and Cafe,” in Massachusetts. Now, these aren’t bakeries that bake a few loaves of bread each day. No, these bakeries serve lunch and dinner daily, and are known for their beautiful, delicious pastries. You may be interested in knowing that Tzurit started with a small farm stand—just like Blueberry Haven. Tzuirt even credits her supporters with her success: “I am lucky to have the best customers, who supported me from the beginning when my shop was just a farm stand.”

So, why am I just now telling you about someone I met nearly a year ago at a business seminar? Well, I spent the past several days in the New England area, and you can probably guess one of the places I visited.

I took my middle son out East for some school visits last weekend, and we also spent some time watching a hockey game (of course). Being the hockey nut he is, he conveniently found a great game for us to watch on Saturday night—the Buins vs. the Habs. If you haven’t been to a Bruins game before, make sure you check one out if you ever get the chance. Original 6 hockey fans are like no others I have ever seen, and while we are true Red Wings fans, it was entertaining to watch another Original 6 game.

The morning after the game, I told my son we were taking a detour from hockey and school visits, and I wanted to visit some place for me. So, on Sunday, we ventured to the Tatte Bakery and Cafe on Charles Street in Boston. I am so happy we did! The restaurant was standing room only for the entire hour and a half we were there, and the food was fantastic. The tables were continually being turned over and set with new people of all ages. We loved everything—the breads, entrees, and pastries. It was a perfect diversion from our hectic weekend.

If you are planning a trip to the Boston area in the near future, I highly recommend eating at one of the Tatte Bakeries. You can Google it to find a location that works for you; with five of them, I’m sure you can find one close to you. I truly wish we had one here in West Michigan. Even my finicky son who always orders a breakfast sandwich couldn’t keep his fork out of my Shakshuka—a North African dish with peppers, tomatoes, poached eggs and feta cheese. Yum! He even asked me if I could figure out how to make it at home. I can certainly try!

So, here’s my shout out to Tzurit, my friend from Zingerman’s training: I aspire to be as successful as you. Your food and your staff were perfect last Sunday when we visited your Charles Street location. I was more than impressed!

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