Have you ever needed to kick things up a notch with one simple twist?

Of course, you have…because even the most amazing cooks get busy during the holidays. We rely on those tasty, dependable, unique products that add something extra to our meals and side-dishes…that “secret weapon.”

Well, lean in close because we’re about to pass on the mother of all trade secrets…IT’S OUR BLUEBERRY CHUTNEY!

For starters, you’ve got to taste it to believe it. Sweet, savory, and a great texture, this sauce really has it all. But after you’ve relished in that experience, try it in these applications:

  • Over goat cheese, cream cheese or brie with crackers
  • On a leftover turkey sandwich (OH YES)
  • Served over any other tenderloin or cut of meat
  • Grilled brie or goat cheese sandwich (!!!)
  • We dare you to dip your fries in it…
  • Try it as a glaze for chicken
  • Garnish your roasted sweet potatoes and winter squash with it

It’s so good, you might find yourself with the spoon in the jar when no one is looking, but we won’t tell. 😉

You can always buy this delectable product by itself, but we are extra excited about our new seasonal collection, The Blueberry Haven Thanksgiving Gift Box.

$50, shipping included!!

Order Here:

>>> https://blueberry-haven.com/product/the-blueberry-haven-thanksgiving-box/

The chutney is included, along with everything else you need to have a phenomenal “Black Friday Breakfast.”

Check it out and order one for yourself, or for a loved one, today!


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