Welcome the Season

While getting ready for the holidays, I was recently reminded…

to not feel the “stress” of the season but to enjoy the season. Take in the waiting, the anticipation, and the joy because it truly is a welcome season, a time we are waiting with great anticipation of that special guest. Thanks Rev. Juj!

So, that I will do. I’ll be thankful to be able to get everything at my home ready for the one special guest and enjoy all of the people who will be passing through my home and Blueberry Haven this holiday. As I get older, that is what I truly care about, being together with all of those held near and dear. It’s always a great joy when friends we haven’t seen in a bit grace the doors of Blueberry Haven looking for gifts to send to their dad in Texas…Thanks Renee! Or a quick call to make sure we can get a box out and delivered to her family in California before they leave for the holiday…why yes Lisa, I dropped at the post office on my way home tonight. 

Both of those ladies and I used to spend weekends together driving all over the state of Michigan with our hockey boys. I do miss those days. 

But hey, I’ll be happy to tune in this weekend and watch my boys on internet TV from my living room as Steve and I deck our halls for the holidays. I’ve given Steve an “idea” photo for the mantle, let’s see how close we can come. He says he’s up for the task and will be scouring woods near our home for the greens. 

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So, how do you think we did? Close, or no?

Speaking of blue, as I frequently do, I recently acquired my parents’ grandfather clock. I can remember the day my dad brought it home. He had driven over to Germany for the day and picked the grand beauty up at a clock maker’s shop in the Black Forest. He brought it back to our home where we were living at the time just outside of Brussels, Belgium. The year was about 1977. While I was happy to bring home this family heirloom, I wasn’t sure how it would incorporate into my home.

Well if you have ever seen anything done by Simple Redesign in Grand Rapids, I knew Julie Petersen was the person I needed to enlist to help me transform the clock. I dropped it off to her and said, “No rush! I know you’ll make it perfect…and of course, I think I want it to be blue.”  As you can see from the pictures, it’s better than I’d imagined. I love it, and I can’t wait for my family to come to my house during the holidays and see it themselves! Check her out at www.simpleredesign.com, and maybe get your grandmother’s chest out of the basement for a redo.

Now, want to wow your Christmas morning guests? Ok, here it is… simple simple.

I am grateful that I at least I will have two of my sons home with me on Thanksgiving day.  I am sure #2 will find someone who is thankful they are having Thanksgiving with him. I’ll be whipping up a recipe that everyone is grateful for- not only is it healthy but simply delicious.

Perhaps, it will bring joy to your table too.

Blueberry Haven-ly Scones


Buy a bag of Blueberry Haven scones

Add heavy cream and lemon zest to the dry ingredients in package.

Bake as directed.

Then, pull out of your oven, top with a sprinkle of granulated sugar, et voila! You are fancy on Christmas morning.

Thank you to all of you who choose the gift of blueberries!


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Let’s all be joyful as we are able to welcome another festive holiday.

Enjoy the season!

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