I have written several times about a special place that is very near and dear to my heart: Camp Blodgett. Many of you know about this amazing camp along the lakeshore that provides programs for thousands of underprivileged children in Kent and Ottawa Counties. Campers are given a chance to spend a week at Camp Blodgett and experience an adventure just like the many other kids who are lucky enough to attend camp every year.

Camp Blodgett turns 95 this year, and beginning this month, they are celebrating their 95th birthday all summer long! They are kicking off the celebration by participating in the Art Van Charity Challenge. They applied for the challenge in the spring, and they were selected to compete against other charities in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.

I’m hoping to help Camp Blodgett raise as much money as possible to send hundreds of kids to camp this year. Their goal is to raise $200,000 to help send 500 kids to camp, since the cost of supporting one child for a week of summer camp is $400. Donors can go online (crowdrise.com/camp-blodgett) through the end of the day on June 22 and make a donation specifically to Camp Blodgett. All donations made are tallied, and if they raise the most money of all the charities in the contest, Camp Blodgett wins $100,000 from the Art Van Charity Challenge!

Camp Blodgett is one of the smaller organizations competing in the challenge, and they are working hard to be the BIG winner of the contest. Representatives from Camp Blodgett wrote the following information about their participation in the contest on the crowdrise website:

“Surely, you’ve heard the saying, ‘Small organization…Big heart.!’ And that is exactly what we have. We have a HUGE heart for kids. Actually, our 95-year history means we have THOUSANDS of huge hearts!!”

So, I’m challenging all of you who are reading this blog to help this awesome organization win the contest and help send more kids to camp this summer. Please go to the website (crowdrise.com/camp-blodgett) and donate to Camp Blodgett. I know you are up for the “challenge!”

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