Right now our amazing city to the east of us—Grand Rapids—is hopping with the excitement of ArtPrize. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I suggest you go before it’s done for the year (October 9).

I think of ArtPrize as sort of like the TV show The Voice. While The Voice is a venue for singers/song writers, ArtPrize is a platform for artists to show off their talents. I always find it interesting how different people view the art that is showcased at this event each year.

A trained art curator may see the beauty in certain pieces, while the general public might choose some completely different pieces of art as their favorites. That’s the beauty of ArtPrize: There’s something for everyone. And, how lucky are we to live so close to Grand Rapids and all it has to offer? We are especially fortunate for the many installments of art that are a part of ArtPrize each year. Heck, even Donald Trump showed up at ArtPrize this year!

I was lucky enough to visit ArtPrize on three separate occasions this year, spending a few hours each time walking around to the various venues. Even though I spent quite a bit of time checking it all out, I probably only saw about one-third of the entire event! There is just so much to see and admire.

However, even though I didn’t see it all, I did have a few pieces that “spoke to me.” Let me share my top five here with all of you. They are not in any particular order; I was just intrigued by each of these works and how they affected me as I admired them.

• 3D—The Last Whistle
• 2D—Dot Nation
• Time based—Higher Ground
• Time based—Sweepers Clock
• Time based—Restoring the Art of Breastfeeding

Now, keep in mind that my choices are based on only seeing approximately one-third of all that ArtPrize has to offer. I can’t imagine being able to choose the “number one” or “best” piece from all the works of art displayed. Just make sure you take some time to visit ArtPrize this year and see as much as you can! You will be glad that you did!

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