Blueberry season is quickly approaching! I’m always excited when we have fresh blueberries for sale in our store, and this year there are even more reasons to celebrate this spectacular fruit!

An article in the April 2016 Life Extension magazine discussed the great health benefits of blueberries, highlighting more health benefits than ever before. Here’s what they had to say about the four advantages of incorporating more blueberries into your diet:

Improve mobility and reduce life-threatening falls in the elderly—Hmm…I definitely need to start eating more blueberries. I recently took a tumble down a set of steps, and ended up with bruises on the right side of my arm, ribs and rear end!

Reduce arterial plaque—Research has shown that blueberries could help prevent plaque buildup in arteries. In fact, a recent study showed a decrease in cholesterol levels when a control group of mice was given a high dose of blueberry extract. Once again, I might want to increase my blueberry consumption to see if it could help reduce my blood pressure. For those who know me well, you know I have never been considered the calmest or quietest person in the room!

Protect the retina—Evidently light can damage the retina as we age, and blueberries help to protect the retina and reduce the damage. I am certainly relating to all this old person talk! I now have “cheater” glasses stashed all around my house to help me read and see small print. My boys no longer need to worry about me reading what they are texting, because I can’t see what they are typing anyway. Bring on the blueberries!

Protect against structural changes in the brain that lead to Alzheimer’s—I am always looking for my keys and my phone! I’m hoping the blueberries will help me end my constant battle with forgetfulness.

Check out the link to the article ( to read more about how we should all be eating more blueberries as we age.

Fortunately, blueberries taste delicious so it’s natural to want to eat them every day. I was happy to receive a note from a customer this week who happens to agree that blueberries taste great: “I stopped in last summer and sampled the biggest and sweetest blueberries. I can’t remember what kind they were. Could you tell me which blueberries are the biggest and sweetest…”

So, as we wait patiently for the first berries of the season to arrive at Blueberry Haven, know that they will be worth the wait. And, remember that our Blueberry Haven products are all made from the biggest and sweetest berries in this area, making them taste amazing. Even better, we are so fortunate that our products are made locally by several talented chefs.

Be sure to share our products with your friends and family, whether they are close or far away. Even if they aren’t fortunate enough to live in our beautiful area, they can sill get enjoy the blueberry goodness and health benefits from this amazing fruit!


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