During the last few weeks, I have been reminded more than once just how quickly life can change and how thankful I am for all the special people in my life.

This past week I have used Blueberry Haven products as gifts for four different families. Although it’s easy for me to just walk into the store and pull some items off the shelves, I do try to put together some goodies that might have some meaning for the recipients.

The first gift was a thinking-of-you box of goodies. My oldest son had called and said his friend’s father had passed away suddenly in his sleep. He was 61 years old, and left behind a wife and children. I don’t know the family well, but I have met the mom on a few occasions and the son has visited our home in Grand Haven. I’m hoping the gift box helped them know that others are thinking of them.

The next gift was for a family that my youngest son knows through hockey. The father of this family is in the hospital battling cancer. My son doesn’t play hockey on the same school team with this boy, but they have skated together all summer and fall, and I am very familiar with their family. I thought a box of blueberry goodies from all of us hockey moms would let the mom know we are cheering her on for being such an amazing care giver.

I have also had the opportunity to put together some thank you gifts that include all things blueberry this week.

Recently, my youngest has nearly taken up residence with a family he knows quite well. They have been more than generous by always welcoming him into their home and treating him like one of their own. In fact, he’s been there so much lately that I jokingly asked if they wanted his social security number so they could claim him on their taxes! I’m hoping that the “thank you for having him ALWAYS” gift I sent lets them know how much I appreciate all they do for my son.

And, finally, my oldest son is spending his fall break with his fraternity buddy’s family in New Jersey, so I thought it would be nice to send something special from Blueberry Haven to thank them for their hospitality. I’ve never met the family before, but I have heard my son mention his buddy “Strada” many times.

I called him and asked how I should address the package—Mr. and Mrs., just Mrs., or to the entire family? He reminded me that Strada was his friend who lost his dad in the World Trade Center attacks. Strada’s mom is the New Jersey woman who has been working hard and recently beat President Obama on the 9/11 bill (www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/09/30/…bill/91335648/).

My son said, “Mom, she’s an amazing mom with everything she’s done, and she’s a mom, just like you.” Of course, I had to google her name to find out more about her and discovered she has three kids about the same ages as my kids.  I am for sure no Terry Strada!  The difference is I have a husband to help me and she’s doing it all on her own. It sure makes me realize how lucky I am, and the box of blueberry products I sent to her is just a small token of my appreciation for everything she has done.

Remember to be thankful every day…


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